A Unique Twist on Fitness

In an earlier article I wrote about Fitness, its relationship to Reddit and the blog team. Fitness was a concept that came out of a very deep and personal experience for me. While doing research on fitness issues for a book I wrote, I discovered a very interesting phenomena. While doing online research on fitness topics for various magazines, I discovered a surprising lack of articles written on “fitness”. When I looked at the topics of fitness from the major magazines, I could not find any articles written by fitness experts that addressed the issue of “fitness”.


I decided to take this information and put it into a blog to help others who were either looking to build a dating profile or looking to develop their own personal fitness regime. The Silversingingles blog team was then added to the Fitness project. Fitness is defined as a state of comfort and/or well being. In my own experiences within the Fitness project, I found that some of the single guys and gals that I met on the fitness forums and message boards tended to be quite fit, but had nothing to add to their fitness or health profile. This made it difficult for many of these single men and women to actively participate in the fitness dating scene.

The Fitness brand is a new spin on the Fitness formula. Rather than trying to create an awareness of fitness through an online community or forum, we decided to develop the editorials and articles to present the information we had uncovered. The results have been impressive, and beyond our expectations. From the responses I have seen from the singles that have gone through the Fitness system, I am convinced that the Fitness brand will be effective in helping to create more active lifestyles for both men and women.