Fitness Date – Is Fiteness the New Dating Trend?

As the fitness industry is growing in popularity, a debate rages about whether or not exercise is important in keeping fit and staying healthy. In a recent editorial on Singles’ Magazine, writer Corin asked, “are there things singles need that others don’t?,” to which redditors responded with “yes,” and “no.” Many editors felt that some aspects of fitness were necessary to stay healthy, but not all aspects. Some, like me, do think exercise is important and want to stay fit, while others, especially those who are single, want to just be happy and healthy. This was a great debate and it’s great to see an editorial team at Reddit putting their readers’ interests on the front line.

Singles that are committed to being fit and healthy may find themselves following the fitness lifestyle and participating in the Fitfulness community on the Internet, which is a sort of online version of Fitness Magazine. One editor wrote, “I joined Fitness because I wanted to combine my love for exercise and my love for the outdoors,” and another stated, “I joined the Fitness community so that I could meet other singles who enjoy fitness as much as I do and maybe even more!” These two points are excellent concerns and we can thank Redditors for bringing them to light.

One editor suggested that the Fitness Dating community is an excellent way to meet other active singles: “I’ve been trying to find other active singles (as in, not married/commuting) who are also interested in the same fitness activities I am. It’s been a challenge.” There are a lot of reasons to join the Fitness community and I’m glad that Singles Anonymous has taken an interest in fitness dating. Singles have been successful at meeting other active singles before because we were able to network, but I think the anonymity of the Fitness dating site is a huge plus. It allows active singles to feel safe and secure in their quest to be fit.