Health Defined

Health is a condition of full or partial well being in which infirmity and illness are absent. Health is essential to life; it cannot be replaced but rather improved by a healthy lifestyle. A number of definitions are used for such purposes over the years. The dictionary defines health as good health and mental well being. According to some other dictionaries, health implies well-being. Other dictionaries imply health as the possession of the capacity to live well.


The meaning of well being as compared to health can be understood by considering its relation to sickness. Well-being can be considered as an indirect result of the absence of disease or death. In this context, the absence of disease or death implies that you can have a reasonable expectation of living a healthy life and having a normal mental state. This definition excludes the possibility of incurring a physical disability. On the other hand, the third definition of health implies the presence of a disorder or abnormality, causing a deterioration of your health.

To sum up, health and disease can be regarded as synonymous. Healthy living is the combination of good health and absence of disease. This definition excludes the possibility of contracting a disease or disability. On the other hand, the definition of good health incorporates the possibility of acquiring a disease. As such, good health is a condition of complete well being with the absence of any disease or abnormality.