What is Fitness?

“Fitfulness” is a relative word. It can mean being healthy, in shape, happy or wealthy. Sometimes the word is used in place of “being happy.” In a time when society is preoccupied with everything it should not do, this word may be lost in translation. However, it can help define what it means to be happy in life and live in the now.


Fitfulness does not have to be limited to one’s outward attributes. It can be found deep inside and that is the secret to true happiness. It involves the feeling of satisfaction that comes from successfully completing an assignment, dealing with a challenging task, enjoying a day at the office, coming up with an idea for a business venture, enjoying conversation with friends or family members, working at a satisfying job, having a meaningful relationship and living a long and productive life. These are accomplishments that are fit when they are rewarded and are a joy to experience every day.

There is no one definition of fit. In fact, happiness is a subjective experience that is a product of how you feel about yourself and your ability to cope with your life’s challenges. The good news is that everyone is capable of feeling fit and becoming happy and contented. The challenge is learning how to tap into that fitfulness to build a life that meets the unique needs and interests of your personality.