Reddit’s Fitness Modding – Silversingles & Fitness

As an executive of a fitness and nutrition company, I have always supported the idea of having a more fit and sexy lifestyle for both myself and my employees. As much as I love being active and enjoy being outdoors in the great outdoors, I am always looking for ways to make running and walking more fit and efficient for my employees and me. At the same time, I have always been careful to note that my office, and those who work in it, need to be healthy and fit too. The Fitfulness concept fits into this perfectly. In fact, one of my cofounders, Reddit co-founder Alexis Oh, started the RedditFit program after taking his Fitfulness software with him to China.


I was impressed with RedditFit, and I wanted to incorporate the Fitness technology into my own fitness marketing system. That is why I reached out to Reddit founder Christopher Bailey to help me develop a marketing plan around Fitness and the Fitness community. We created and launched our first health and fitness dating website, theFit Dating, right after launch. Since then we’ve been able to grow our community to over 30 million members and continue to expand our services with more health and fitness tools for singles.

While working at Reddit, I met many amazing redditors and their families, and the first thing I noticed was their desire to become healthier and more fit. I’ve been really impressed with their passion for fitness, and the way they promote their Fitness blog. Through my conversations with other fitness experts and my work with the Reddit editorial team, I’ve learned a lot from Redditors such as how to market our Fitness blog, and how the Fitness subscription model has been effective. I look forward to getting more into helping the editors achieve their fitness goals through the fitness franchise in the future.